Organic fertilizer production line

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Why Should We Make The Organic Fertilizer? Organic fertilizer containing a variety of organic acids, peptides, and rich nutrients including ...
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Compound fertilizer production line

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NPK, NP, ANP, DAP, MAP, CAN, SSP Compound fertilizer making machine Get Free Quote Introduction of Compound Fertilizer Production Line ...
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Bulk blending fertilizer production line

Bulk blending fertilizer production line足球007球探比分网

BB fertilizer production equipment Get Free Quote What is BB Fertilizer ? The full name of BB fertilizer is bulk ...
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Movable turner

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Movable turner is used for fermentation and turning manure, sludge waste, straw residue sawdust and other organic waste Description of ...
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Semi-wet Material Crusher

Semi-wet Material Crusher网球即时比分007

Semi-wet material crusher which is widely used in bio-fermentation humidity material crushing Get Free Quote Application : *A semi-wet material ...
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Double-shaft mixer

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Introduction of Horizontal Mixer 1.The mixing chamber is “W” horizontal shell shape, Double shaft and many paddles, The spraying system ...
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ZL Type disc granulator

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Disc granulator is used to granulate organic fertilizer granules Get Free Quote Advantages 1. The granulating disc is in the ...
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Rotary drum dryer

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Rotary drum dryer has strong adaptability to material, which can dry all kinds of material Get Free Quote Introduction: It ...
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Rotary drum cooling machine

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Rotary drum cooling machine 1. Used for fertilizer production 2. Working with drying machine 3. Remove the fertilizer moisture and ...
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Drum screening machine

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Screening machine is mainly used for the finished product and waste material separation Working Principle of Rotary Drum Screen Machine: ...
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Automatic Quantitative Packing Machine

Automatic Quantitative Packing Machine百度007体育比分

Application: Automatic quantitative packaging machine integrating digital quantitative weighing and packing, widely applicable quantitative seeds, fertilizer, chemicals, food, and other ...
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HENAN WINSTON INDUSTRIAL CO.,LTD is a high-tech enterprise specialized in studying and manufacturing fertilizer equipment since 2001. Located in the Xingyang Industrial Zone, Zhengzhou City, China, the factory covers an area of 15000 ㎡. With a standardized heavy industrial workshop, the products are manufactured strictly conformed to the nation-required principles of standardization and universalization.

Our company has many great technical advantages and a high-quality staff team, and the CAD research and development center. Over the past 12 years, the factory has been successfully launched 5,000-300,000 tons/year production lines for compound fertilizer and BB fertilizer, a complete set of equipment for organic fertilizer and high humidity chicken manure drying fermentation equipment, which provides equipment for the bio-organic fertilizer factories and waste plants to deal with the organic waste without harming the environment.

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